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Lucia Semola and the story of CORLÙ1979

Lucia Semola &

the story of CORLÙ1979

Lucia Semola was born in 1979, in Casarano in the province of Lecce; after studying at the art institute of Parabita, where he breathes innovation and tradition and shares the sense of art, learning the most varied goldsmith techniques, he gains experience in the laboratories of great goldsmith masters both in his beloved land of Salento who in the homeland of goldsmiths, in Valenza and Vicenza, where he works for large famous companies in the goldsmith field.
He thus brings home a wealth of experience and artisanal techniques which he later applies to the noblest metals such as silver, gold and platinum. In the meantime he specialized by obtaining a further diploma in gemology which increased his great passion for stones, both precious and non-precious. In 2002 she opened, with great professionalism and competence, her first jewellery-goldsmith's shop which is also a goldsmith's workshop, in her town of origin, Casarano, where she was esteemed and appreciated for her creative skills and her cheerful way of interact with customers, many of whom quickly became his great friends.
Between 2010 and 2011 the goldsmith field, like many other sectors, experienced a serious moment of crisis, and Lucia, without wasting time, understood that it was time to turn the page and make the most of all the knowledge and wise techniques acquired over years and years of work and study. She then invests in an apparently poor material (but let's not forget that every material is made precious by the work and commitment behind it), bringing it to gold and platinum levels. Thus, the CORLU'1979 brand was born, launched together with her partner and friend and which bears their intertwined names: Corinna & amp; Lucia. The brand immediately experienced great success and became a registered trademark of Salento excellence.
Lucia and Corinna thus unite the passion and love for the sea, which unites them, choosing as their logo an anchor, a nautical symbol but above all a symbol of anchoring of universal Love. Lucia designs and creates a collection of nautical cord bracelets with the anchor, the rudder, the bollard, the sailing boat, participating in numerous regattas and nautical fairs where Corlù meets many customers who appreciate the manufacturing and the painstaking attention to detail . Thus, in a short time, Corlu'1979 took flight towards an ever higher peak, which however cost the owners enormous sacrifices and sacrifices.
Over the years, in addition to the jewels dedicated to the sea, the brand realizes the greatest dream of its creator, creating jewels with a strong character, which express and represent all her strength, and which tell her story through her vintage, aggressive and elegant at the same time. The great love for accessories finally finds expression in the creation and production of clothing, leather bags, sunglasses, and then comes to crown Lucia's greatest dream: the creation of personal and room fragrances. Today Corlù1979 boasts a Flagship store and Elite laboratory in Casarano, a Store in the heart of the historic center of Otranto in Corso Garibaldi, one in the historic center of Lecce in Corso Vittorio Emanuele ll, in a 1500s building, 100 meters from Duomo and Piazza Santo Oronzo. Corlù1979 is the story of a love dream that becomes reality.

Lucia Semola